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Knit Fast…

I finished up the first half of my cross-stitch project this weekend. After completing the top row, I realized I had started the K over 1 space too far. I thought about ripping it out and doing it again…until I realized I had done the same thing with another letter as well. Oops.

Amy's Creative Side

Overall I think it looks all right. I just need to be more careful when I start a letter! I’d like to complete this pattern soon, but I’m thinking about knitting some green slippers for St. Patrick’s Day, so it may have to wait until next week.

7 thoughts on “Knit Fast…”

    1. Thanks, Chan!

      The color-fade is just a photo element. The canvas is actually white; I don’t think my lighting was that great for a photo :)


  1. Hello. I hopped over from Amy’s creative side. I must admit, I have no idea what you’re talking about with the “k”. This looks perfect to me.


  2. It’s cool, keep going with what you got.

    Other possible endings:

    … Have A Blast
    … Drive Faster
    … I’m Cold
    … Die Never
    … Die Slow
    … The End Is Near

    And that’s all I got right now :)


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