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Embroidery Workshop

Last night I joined some friends for an Embroidery Workshop at Fancy Tiger. Marisa, from Creative Thursday, gave us this adorable embroidery pattern for “Miss Fran” and encouraged us to design her in any way that called to us. This was such a great workshop!

It was fun to see how different everyone’s design was. I’m just sorry I didn’t get any pictures! I was too focused on finishing her scarf and attaching her dress before the workshop was over :) The fabric for Miss Fran’s dress is from Marisa’s upcoming “Ric Rac Rabbitcollection.

I’m thinking Miss Fran needs a sun, some flowers, a bit of grass, maybe a tree…

5 thoughts on “Embroidery Workshop”

  1. How precious!! That’s adorable. I do regret that you didn’t get photos of the others too though! ;)


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