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Camp WannaKnitKnit

As I briefly mentioned before, I spent last weekend with my friends at our annual knitting retreat, Camp WannaKnitKnit. We stayed in a lovely house in the mountains and enjoyed yummy food, good company and knitting, of course!

Prior to the weekend, a few of us got together to sew these fun knitting project bags for everyone:

I took a few knitting projects with me, but mostly I worked on knitting some felted clogs. Thanks for the yarn, Stacey! A few other people had knit these clogs, so on Sunday we had a felting party:

It felt pretty good actually finishing a project over the weekend :) The first clog I knit was a little wonky, but the felting made it look more normal. I might have to make a few more of these!

7 thoughts on “Camp WannaKnitKnit”

  1. These Clogs look snuggy wonderful, like elf shoes. How wonderful. And the bags….oh. What a great Camp if each person receives a colorful bag like this. Now…if I could just get my feet to become elfin-like so I can fit into your beautiful clogs.


  2. Love those clogs. I want a pair – or ten. Before we know it, it’ll be cold again… right?

    The project bags are lovely too. Cute fabric!


  3. Love the photos of all the many colored clogs on the deck rail. I haven’t made felted clogs yet even though I have the yarn and pattern for them. You may have spurred me on to do just that. Thanks for the inspiration…..


  4. Your clogs look wonderful! Warm? How did your “snake” work Sunday? Hope you don’t need the plumber! Love YOU! Mom :) :)


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