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Denver Quilt Guild…Swaps

I’ve participated in 2 swaps since I joined the Denver Quilt Guild in February. The first thing we did was a bag swap.

After looking through a lot of cool bags (many I still want to make sometime!), I ended up making the Peekaboo Chevron Tote. I even made fabric covered buttons…which was so much simpler than I though it would be!

Peekaboo Tote

For this swap, names were drawn for each bag that was made. All of the bags were really nice, but I was lucky enough to get Stacey’s bag! The fabric/colors are perfect. It was like she made it just for me :)

241 Tote

Here’s a picture of us with the bags we made:

Group BagsThanks to Liz, who heads up the Guild, for this picture!

Last month we did an apron swap. I made the Lilly Apron out of some fun green fabric:

Lilly Apron

For this swap, we drew numbers, and going in order, each person picked the apron she wanted. Again, all of the aprons were so great! Since I wanted a full apron (and I loved the colors she used) I picked the one that Stacey made:

Ruffle Apron

Showing off the fun aprons we received!

Group ApronsThanks to Teresa for this picture! Too bad my eyes are closed ;)

For next month’s meeting, we are exchanging sewn/quilted name tags. I’m really excited to work on my idea for Teresa. I’m also looking forward to the name tag I’ll receive :)

5 thoughts on “Denver Quilt Guild…Swaps”

  1. Wow! These are gorgeous. I love your work and color choices. It almost inspires me to quilt and sew again but I am restraining myself.


  2. I think I’ve caught the quilting bug lately… Although I haven’t had time to act on the impulse yet, I’ve been hopelessly attracted to quilted blankets of all sorts. I’m just struggling to figure out whether I should sew it, knit it, crochet it… Too many crafty options!


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