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Vacation’s Over

Well, today was the last day to spend with my parents. Nathan and I met them for lunch, and then we went for a walk. The campground my parents are staying at is next to a nice park/nature area that had a paved path around a few ponds and a creek. After our walk, we went back to my parents motorhome and played Mexican Train.

Did I mention my parents live and travel in their motorhome? They spend the summers in Wisconsin to be with my sister and other family members. Then it’s off to Alabama for the winter. Their plan is to be in Alabama by the week of Thanksgiving.

Tomorrow they are heading to New Mexico and I go back to work. It was great spending time with my parents and doing some things I’ve never done in the 6 years I’ve lived in Colorado!



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I'm Terrie and I enjoy paper crafting, cross stitch, knitting and sewing. I also love reading and spending time outside in nature!

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  1. Hi, again!
    Is it really that long that you’ve been in Denver – 6 years? I guess so, because we’ve been “full-time RVers” a year longer! Did you let Jon know you have a blog, too?
    Love you, Mom :) :)


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