Knitting Essentials

Now that the holidays are over, I can finally start knitting again! I haven’t been doing much knitting since I finished the hats for the Soaring Eagles Project. Here are a few knitting essentials I got recently:

Knitting Essentials

These books have already come in handy. Instead of ripping back and starting over, I was able to tink back to a mistake I made on scarf I started last week!

On Thursday, during lunch, I went to Colorful Yarns. I finally purchased a yarn swift! And look at this pretty yarn I purchased to make a hat:

Yarn and Scarf

This yarn is Tahki Stacy Charles – Donegal Tweed #818 Rose Pink. It’s not a perfect match to the scarf and gloves, but it’s very close, and with bits of blue, green, and yellow throughout, I think they will go together nicely. I had the hank wound into a ball before I left the store. I know, I just purchased the swift and I could have done it myself, but I wanted to see how it worked first (plus, I didn’t buy the ball winder, so I would still have to do that part by hand).

I am very glad I had this wound at the store. Half way through the winding the ball flew off the winder! There was a huge knot in the middle of the yarn that we tried to get out, but it wasn’t working very well. In the end, we just cut the knot out, and I learned how to spit-fuse the yarn together!

Of course, Charlie had to see what I was doing when I was taking pictures. She really loved the Tahki Stacy Charles yarn! Charlie is resting on my practice yarn (and it looks like she doesn’t have any front legs-maybe she’s hovering!).


Does it look like Charlie is saying “I dare you to try taking your knitting back”?