Knitting - WIP

Is it Friday yet?

Sorry, no pictures today.

It was really cold this past weekend (only in the teens and single digits!), so Nathan and I didn’t want to go anywhere. I had hoped to do a lot of knitting, but it didn’t quite work out that way. How can a small apartment take so much time to clean??? I guess we did watch a few movies, too. I’m not ready to try watching TV and knitting at the same time, so it’s either one or the other.

I planned on starting my pink hat this weekend. Unfortunately, I tried a swatch with my size 9 Addi Turbo circular needle and it didn’t look quite right. I think a size 8 should be better. When I purchased the yarn, I didn’t think to buy new needles. Foolishly, I forgot that I am a new knitter and I don’t have that many needles to choose from. So, of course, if I want to start a new project, I will not only have to buy yarn, but needles as well! Not that that’s a bad thing :)

I tried to get all my errands done on my way home from work Friday so I wouldn’t have to go out later. I bought some yarn to match my coat, and luckily I had the right sized needles at home, so I did cast-on for a moss stitch scarf on Saturday. I think it’s coming along pretty well, although I seem to knit the edges a bit too loose. Since the only other things I’ve knit are hats, I think this scarf may seem like a long project! I hope to post a picture of my progress later this week.