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Day off!

It’s always nice having a day off in the middle of the week! Especially when tomorrow is Friday, and then it’s the weekend! :)

Last night, Nathan and I were supposed to go to the VAST concert, so I took today off because we were going to get home so late. Unfortunately, the drummer left the tour at the last minute, and 5 shows in Utah and Colorado were canceled. The good thing is that VAST will be playing in Denver on April 13th, so we’ll still be able to go to the show.

This morning I cleaned the apartment (totally boring, but now I don’t have to do it this weekend), and now I’m able to spend some time with the kitties and work on my scarf! I haven’t done much knitting on the scarf this past week. We’ve been busy at work so my lunch hour has been drastically shortened. I’ve probably only knit a couple rows each day! At this rate, I won’t even finish my scarf before winter is over! It sounds like we may get more snow on Saturday, so I plan on doing a lot of knitting this weekend.

I did a swatch for my hat the other night. I wanted to use a pattern I found for a 1×1 ribbed hat, but the yarn didn’t look right in ribbing. I did another swatch in stockinette stitch and that looked much better. If I don’t get to it today, I’ll cast-on for my hat this weekend.

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  1. hello
    thankyou for leaving such a nice comment on my website and linking to me too :)
    i hope you enjoyed this week’s episode – it’s my favourite so far (out of 3 woohoo)
    your cats are Beautiful!
    i had the same concert problem with NIN here – their drummer broke his hand i think.
    good luck with your knitting – i can’t even get a couple of rows done every day :(


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