Knitting Update

I started knitting the pink hat a couple weeks ago, but I haven’t made as much progress as I would have liked.

Pink Hat

It looks a little big on the needles, so I hope it fits! When I first started the pink hat, I kept trying to bring the yarn to the front of the needle because of the moss stitch for the scarf! This weekend we ran some errands, and I was actually able to knit the hat in the jeep and not have to look at what I was doing. That’s the first time I’ve tried knitting without looking, and I feel more like a real knitter now that my fingers seem to know what they’re doing without having to watch them!

Charlie & Kennedy just couldn’t resist getting in the picture! Of course, when I try taking a picture of them doing something cute or funny, they always move before I can get the picture. Go figure!

Charlie & Kennedy

Charlie loves yarn…as you can tell from the picture. She tries to play with it as I’m knitting. Kennedy, on the other hand, tries to bite the needle if she’s in my lap while I’m knitting.

I obviously haven’t gotten very far on my scarf, either!

Scarf 2

We really warmed up today, and I think this week is supposed to be in the 40’s & 50’s. I know it will get cold again, since it’s only February, but I really need to get these projects done so I can use them before winter is over!