Family & Friends

Back to Wisconsin

I flew back to Wisconsin this past weekend, because last Sunday I found out my Grandmother had passed away. Although this was very sad to hear, it was not unexpected. She was 94, and she hadn’t been doing well the previous few weeks. I just feel bad that I haven’t been able to visit her very much since I’ve been living in Colorado.

I flew into Madison on Thursday morning. After my parents picked me up, we drove about 1/2 an hour to my hometown of Edgerton. Since my parents retired 8 years ago, they have been living/traveling in a motorhome. In the winter they head down to Alabama, and in the summer they go back to Wisconsin and park at Connie & Austins’ (our old neighbors). Because it was faster for my parents to drive to Wisconsin without the motorhome, we all stayed with Connie & Austin this weekend.

I haven’t been back to Wisconsin for a couple of years, so it was really nice to see everyone again, especially my aunt and uncle and a couple of cousins who live in Washington. We spent most of the weekend visiting with family. On Thursday we went to my aunts house, where they had just finished getting photos put together for the viewing on Friday. It was wonderful to see all the pictures of Grandma. She loved camping and hiking, and she was still doing that stuff until she was 72! I think it was really nice for everyone to see the old photos and reminisce about the good times they spent with Grandma.

I’m really glad I was able to go back to Wisconsin for Grandma’s funeral and visit with my family again.