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No Sheep For You

I stopped by Colorful Yarns during my lunch today and picked up Amy Singer’s new book No Sheep For You.

No Sheep For You

I’m really excited to read this book and start a new project from it! The pink hat that I recently finished was made of wool, and I didn’t really like knitting with it. Sorry, I know a lot of you love wool, and maybe I just need to try a different kind of wool, but now that it’s getting warmer, I’d like to try some different yarn anyway.

There’s also a No Sheep Knitalong that would be fun to join! :)

2 thoughts on “No Sheep For You”

  1. Great cover, looks fun. I’m another wool lover from way-back but recently have been trying out a heap of fancy yarns and I love the versatility. I’m in Qld Australia at present and it’s shorts and T-shirt weather, sticky wool can be a knitting challenge so in Summer I spin and knit alpaca or cotton…both slide through the fingers easier…will keep an eye on your blog…lot to see what you knit from the book..particularly if you try Bamboo…

    good luck and cheers…


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