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Fun Knitting Night

Last night Nachaele and I went over to Stacey’s for knitting and a lovely dinner of PB & J, chips & salsa and Mojitos! :)

Here I am wearing my shrug!

Wearing my shrug

Nachaele brought me this Araucania Yarns Nature Cotton for my One Skein Wonder! Thank you!!! Since she said I would only need about 1 & 1/2 skeins, she’s going to use the other 1/2 to make a OSW for her niece. Just let me know what other colors you want, and I’ll pick them up for you, Nachaele!

Araucania Yarns
Charlie just had to get in the picture :)

I went to Stacey’s a little early so we could find a new project to start. We decided to knit the Tomato from No Sheep for You. I’ve been wanting to knit that, but I hadn’t figured out what yarn I wanted to use. Stacey had quit a bit of Cotton-Ease in her stash and she let me pick out some colors! I’ll be using Mint for the main color and Blueberry for the pattern. Thank you Stacey!!!

Jesse & Tomato
Isn’t Jesse so cute?!?!

Check this out! I’m learning how to knit Continental so I can do the pattern in Tomato:

Continental Knitting

It’s a little tricky! It feels so weird to hold yarn in my left hand. I’ll need to practice some more before working the pattern in Tomato!

***Are you interested in knitting Tomato but don’t have the book? Don’t worry! Just subscribe to Knitting Daily and you can get the pattern for free!***

7 thoughts on “Fun Knitting Night”

  1. You know, I first started knitting with the yarn in my right hand, and eventually switched over to Continental. I LOVE knitting that way now, because I can knit almost 3 times faster. Once you get the hang of it, it’s marvelous! Good for you for trying something new!


  2. You make a teacher so proud Terrie! :) We both need to just loosen up, loosen up, loosen up. I’m totally telling myself this too. Tight knitters breed tight knitters I’ve decided! I had a blast last night…anytime that you want to come over before making the long trek home just let me know.:)


  3. Love how your shrug turned out. Too cute. After seeing yours and Staceys idea on Tomato I may have to do a little digging in my stash. What a great idea and I love that sweater pattern.


  4. I can’t wait to see how it turns out dear!

    So happy to have met you Terrie! You are such a kind and nice person. I can’t wait to spend more time with you and get to know you!



  5. Hi Terrie~Came on over via Stacey’s blog. As per my usual behavior, I will read your blog from its beginnings. Oh, very cute shrug! I am thinking of doing a Tomato sweater also. You can do it!


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