Weekend Knitting

So, this weekend I went to 2 different knitting groups, and forgot my camera both times :(

On Friday night Stacey had some people over for beading & knitting. We had a lot of fun! Nachaele and I found a very creative way to wind some yarn:

Winding Yarn
Picture borrowed from Nachaele :)

Saturday I went to Knit Knack to spend time with some of the Arvada knitters. I’m almost done knitting a Booga Bag for the Summer KAL-CAL. Then I just need to felt it and post pictures!

I haven’t cast-on for Tomato yet because I want to finish the bag first. I know this sounds odd for a lot of knitters out there :) I just don’t seem to have that much time for knitting, and I make weird knitting errors if I’m not (at least mostly) looking at what I’m knitting. I just feel like I’ll never finish anything if I keep starting something new!

I also bought some different yarn on Saturday to make the Dream Swatch (opens as PDF). I really didn’t like how the other one was looking, so I ripped it out.

Hopefully I’ll have pictures of knitting progress soon :)

3 thoughts on “Weekend Knitting”

  1. A knit night with friends sounds so fun! I wish my girlfriends would knit with me – they think I’m kind of nuts with my knitting!
    That Winged Heart in the background is great!


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