I Think I Need To Stop Buying Yarn

Or I’ll never get anything finished :)

Friday night I met some people at Colorful Yarns. We knit, went out for dinner, and came back for more knitting! Stacey and I were trying to pick out colors to use for the Chevron Scarf. I wasn’t positive which colors I wanted, so I just had them save a couple of my choices. I did get this yarn, though:


We were thinking about using Socks That Rock yarn, so Stacey brought in some of the colors she had and Mary-Kay brought in some that she had. Mary-Kay had one called Pebble Beach that Stacey bought from her, and I bought Lucy from Stacey. Now I just need to learn how to knit socks…

Saturday Nathan & I were running errands, so I didn’t get to knit with everyone at Knit Knack :( But, since we were out, I got to stop there for a bit and say hi! Nathan came in a met a few of the people, and of course was asked if he’d like to learn how to knit :) hee hee hee

Yesterday I met up with Stacey and we went to Colorful Yarns for a bit. I’ve been wanting to buy some of Mary-Kay’s yarn that she dyes, so I finally decided on these to make the Chevron Scarf!

Chevron Scarf Yarn

Her company is called Red Rocks Fiber Works, and I bought 2 skeins of each color. This is Artichoke:


And this is One Wild Night:

RRFW-One Wild Night

I think I have plenty of yarn for the moment! Now I just need to work on my projects and finish some of them! I want to have more completed projects to show all of you :)

13 thoughts on “I Think I Need To Stop Buying Yarn”

  1. mwah haa haa! You are totally coming over to the darkside…the darkside is where you acquire yarn faster than you could ever knit it! (sorry Nathan!)


  2. Nice colors! Those will make a beautiful scarf. Sounds like Stacey is good at influencing the stash enhancement. I blame her most of the time for my purchases. She won’t mind. :D


  3. You NEVER have too much yarn. The very best you can hope for is to have a plan for all of the yarn that you buy. If you stick to that, you are good to go.

    You will love working with the Socks that Rock for your first pair of socks. Very nice yarn.


  4. All this sock yarn is beautiful. I love the Lucy Colorway you purchased. Good thing I wasn’t there. I would have definitely scoop it up. Mary-Kay’s yarn is beautiful stuff.


  5. Hi, there!

    Thanks so much for visiting my blog, I love to meet new people like that!

    I think either yarn you bought would make a beautiful chevron scarf.

    Sounds like you have some great knitting outlets – how long have you been knitting?

    Hope to see you again!


  6. Who can resist such beautiful yarn? I’ll keep an eye on you to find out what comes out of it :)


  7. Love those colour choices, thanks for the comment on my purse, it’ll be hard if it sells but I can make it again.


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