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So, do you remember when I posted this for the Hourglass sweater?

Hourglass & Yarn

When I first looked at the pattern in Stacey’s book, it said the small size would use 800 yards. Although I had the exact amount of yarn with these 2 skeins of Plain & Fancy, I wasn’t too concerned. Then, I saw the book corrections (opens as a PDF), and it said “Many, but not all, knitters have found that they have run short on yarn…” Hmmmm, that made me a little nervous.

When I received my book, I checked the pattern and it said the small size would use 1000 yards. Oh oh! Now I have a problem! Grayce from Plain & Fancy Sheep & Wool Co. to the rescue! I sent her an email asking if she possibly had any of this yarn left. Yes, she had 1 left!!! I received it in the mail on Monday…thank you, Grayce!

Plain & Fancy-Pink

I know, always make sure to buy enough yarn, and maybe even a little more than you need, just in case. The problem was that I thought this yarn was so pretty, and I didn’t have a pattern in mind when I bought it! I have to make sure not to buy any more yarn just because it’s pretty! I must have an idea of what I want to make, and how much yarn I need :)



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  1. The yarn is beautiful. That was lucky! Usually when I make an impulse purchase, I wait until the yarn has been discontinued before I try to make something with it ;)


  2. Knowing how much yarn to buy is always a tough one when you don’t know what your making. I hear “Ann Bud’s Knitter’s Handy Guide to Yarn Requirements” is a handy thing to have for that (I need to get one) Anywho! The yarn looks great! I look forward to seeing your progress.



  3. That yarn is very pretty. I’m looking forward to seeing how lovely it looks as you progress with the hourglass sweater.


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