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That’s Better

It’s amazing how quiet the apartment seemed without Nathan around! He got home yesterday and it seems so much better :)

They got in around 6:30 am yesterday, and I think everyone went home to bed for a while! It sounds like they all had a good time and caught lots of fish! Nathan’s older brother has our fish (I don’t even know what all we have), because we don’t have enough room in our small freezer! I was talking to Christie at Lollicup on Tuesday night, and she was giving me some good ideas for cooking salmon. She mentioned that one of her co-workers found a different way to cook salmon…in the dishwasher!!!

Nathan & I went to dinner at Jason’s Deli last night and then out for dessert at Coldstone Creamery. Yummy! I’m glad you’re home, Nathan!

On the knitting front, I had fun spending time with the Arvada knitters at Lollicup. I’m almost done knitting the back of my Girly Bag. I still need to get some fabric for the lining and some purse handles. I’ll be glad when I’m done knitting this, because the needles are too long, and I feel kind of awkward using them! I guess I’ve been using circular needles a lot lately, and that’s what I’m more used to using.

I really want to start my Chevron scarf, so I have hurry up and finish the Girly Bag :)

Also, check out this adorable bag on NH Knitting Mama’s blog. You can get her free pattern and enter her contest. I’d like to make this bag soon, too!

Since I don’t have any knitting pictures, I’ll leave you with Charlie and Kennedy:

Charlie & Kennedy

Charlie always stretches out like this when I come home. Sorry about Kennedy, she looks a little evil with those glowing eyes!

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  1. Wow…salmon cooked in the dishwasher sounds a little scary to me. I still need to figure out what I’m going to make my Chevron scarf out of. You got Red Rocks Fiber Works, right? Hmmm, let me know if you want to knit on Friday night…I think that I feel like doing something pretty low-key.


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