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Not Quite Done

Yesterday during lunch I went to JoAnn Fabrics to get beads, purse handles and fabric for lining my Girly Bag. Boy, did that take longer than I thought! The yarn I’m using is Berroco Bonsai in Japanese Maple. It might be hard to see in my picture, but the yarn is a dark red-ish color with a purple-ish ribbon. I had to look through a lot of beads before I found something that would work. I finally settled on some small Swarovski crystal beads in Light Amethyst. I didn’t have time to look at fabric, so I’ll have to look this weekend. I finished knitting the flower last night, so here is my Girly Bag with all the knitting complete:

Girly Bag

I have not attached the handles or flower yet. What do you think of the flower? I think it’s kind of cute, but I’m not sure if I want to attach it to the bag or not. What do you think?

Wish me luck on the lining…I haven’t tried sewing in years and I don’t have a sewing machine so I hope I can make it look nice :)

11 thoughts on “Not Quite Done”

  1. I love that flower. Can I ask where you got that pattern? I need to knit something like that to attach to a Meathead hat I knitted for my niece for Christmas.

    LOVE your bag!


  2. You can totally use my sewing machine if you want to…I rather do that than sew it all by hand. Your bag looks so cute! Way to go Terrie!


  3. The bag is great. You could always hot-glue a pin to the back so that you could use the flower as you decide to. I think it’s cute!


  4. Love the bag. Love the flower! It is so… so… GIRLY!

    I second the offer of a sewing machine – you want your lining to be perfect, so definately take one of us up on that…


  5. Totally attach the flower – I luv it!

    Great job and good luck on the lining!

    P.S. Making the flower a pin is a great idea! Maybe do that…


  6. Great bag!
    I like Shannon’s idea. I was going to suggest the same thing. I love to swap out the flower pins I have on my hats.
    You could purchase a mini sewing machine. It might save you time and a splitting headache.


  7. Ok. I agree that the flower makes the bag ‘girly’ but if you’re up in the air about it, you could always use a snap on thingy (ask Michelle what I’m taking about) and then you would have the option of flower or no flower.


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