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Not Quite Done

Yesterday during lunch I went to JoAnn Fabrics to get beads, purse handles and fabric for lining my Girly Bag. Boy, did that take longer than I thought! The yarn I’m using is Berroco Bonsai in Japanese Maple. It might be hard to see in my picture, but the yarn is a dark red-ish color with a purple-ish ribbon. I had to look through a lot of beads before I found something that would work. I finally settled on some small Swarovski crystal beads in Light Amethyst. I didn’t have time to look at fabric, so I’ll have to look this weekend. I finished knitting the flower last night, so here is my Girly Bag with all the knitting complete:

Girly Bag

I have not attached the handles or flower yet. What do you think of the flower? I think it’s kind of cute, but I’m not sure if I want to attach it to the bag or not. What do you think?

Wish me luck on the lining…I haven’t tried sewing in years and I don’t have a sewing machine so I hope I can make it look nice :)


Knitting - WIP

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11 thoughts on “Not Quite Done Leave a comment

  1. I love that flower. Can I ask where you got that pattern? I need to knit something like that to attach to a Meathead hat I knitted for my niece for Christmas.

    LOVE your bag!


  2. Love the bag. Love the flower! It is so… so… GIRLY!

    I second the offer of a sewing machine – you want your lining to be perfect, so definately take one of us up on that…


  3. Great bag!
    I like Shannon’s idea. I was going to suggest the same thing. I love to swap out the flower pins I have on my hats.
    You could purchase a mini sewing machine. It might save you time and a splitting headache.


  4. Ok. I agree that the flower makes the bag ‘girly’ but if you’re up in the air about it, you could always use a snap on thingy (ask Michelle what I’m taking about) and then you would have the option of flower or no flower.


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