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Progress on Tomato

I’ve slowly been making progress on the Tomato. Two weeks ago I started the colorwork pattern. Thanks for your help, ladies! Unfortunately, I had to rip out a whole row, twice, so I haven’t gotten quite as far as I should be by now. The first time, I realized I started the dark blue in the wrong place ( I missed the tiny pm in the pattern and started the row too early). As I was starting the 3rd row, I noticed I had made a mistake in the pattern at the very end of the 2nd row and I had to re-do the whole row again!

Mint Tomato Front

I think I’m back on track now :) I just hope this fits me when I finally finish!

Mint Tomato Back

I know these pictures aren’t the greatest for seeing the colorwork pattern, but I hope to finish this part up this week and have a better picture soon!

6 thoughts on “Progress on Tomato”

  1. Looking great! I bet it will turn out wonderfully!

    I haven’t done much colorwork myself, but this would be a a good one to try. Only a couple inches of acutal two color knitting right? Look forward to seeing more pics!


    P.S. Thanks for the comment regarding Marley. I really appreciate it.


  2. This is going to look really awesome! I’m so sorry that you had to frog – fingers crossed that it’ll come along perfectly from now on. I adore the colors too!


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