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Making Felted Leaves

I decided to enter a felted leaf contest that my LYS is holding.

Step 1: Knit a large swatch. I used Patons SWS in Natural Earth.

SWS Swatch
Such a pretty color :)

Step 2: Felt the knitted swatch (and get a much smaller piece of fabric than expected!)

SWS Swatch - Felted

Step 3: Using a leaf template, cut out leaf shapes.



This proved to be a little harder than I expected because I couldn’t hold the template and cut the shapes very well. Since the yarn is so dark, I wasn’t really able to trace the shape with a marker, either.

Step 4: Embellish as desired. (I got a little lazy with this step)

Leaves - Embelished
I’m sorry for the color of the last 2 pictures; I took these at night and didn’t have very good lighting. The first 2 pictures are a bit more accurate with the yarn color.

I started this project last Friday, and today I will be dropping my leaves off at Knit Knack. I am definitely ready for fall! I can’t wait to watch the leaves start changing colors and have the weather cool down a bit. Anyone else ready to wear sweaters and scarves?

Nathan and I are headed down to Trinidad this weekend to visit relatives. I hope everyone has a great weekend! :)

13 thoughts on “Making Felted Leaves”

  1. Wow, this is fantastic! I can well imagine that it wasn’t that easy cutting out the leafs with the template, but you did perfectly fine with it! I totally love these, and the colors are just perfect indeed!


  2. Hi there! Congratulations!! Your felted leaves looks great!! I have never tried to cut into the felted material like that, but I can see how that would work great! Think I need to try it.. have an idea already…
    Thanks for visiting me again, I wouldn’t worry about the blue yarn, even though I can see your consern…
    The guide said: “stronger smell (yak), stronger/deeper looking color”..
    Have a nice day,


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