I Love Etsy

Unfortunately, my knitting progress has been very slow lately. Friday night a bunch of us went out to celebrate Tiffany’s birthday. We had a lot of fun, and I was able to get a bit more done on Tomato. Not much knitting on Saturday or Sunday, but last night I finally started the ribbing at the bottom of the body. Hopefully I’ll have a picture of it in the next couple of days! Then all I will have left to do is pick up stitches for the neck & sleeves.

So, in the absence of knitting, I thought I’d show you a couple things I got from Etsy recently.

These are from Knitterella. She has some really cute note cards and the ones I got have 3 different quotes on them: “Knitting warms my heart.” Knitting brings me peace.” Knitting soothes my soul.” And look at the cute gift tags! Half the tags look like knit stitches and the other half look like purl stitches.

Note Cards & Gift Tags

This fun stuff is from Piddleloop Sewing Team. Isn’t this zippered pouch cool?!?! I’m hoping they will use this fabric for another project pouch. I couldn’t get a good picture, but the inside is pink :) And, they sent such fun extras: a skull & crossbones pencil and eraser, some note cards & gift tags, and some buttons and stitch markers!

Pouch & Extras

If you haven’t visited their stores yet, go and check them out! They’ve got some great stuff :)

5 thoughts on “I Love Etsy”

  1. i think you should drop me an email.

    thanks for the kind words. it always makes my sister and i happy to see someone enjoy our stuff. makes all the sewing we do worth it. :D


  2. all the piddleloop stuff is so pretty. I will have to break down and buy some bags. As if I need new stuff. Thanks pusher (tongue in cheek of course!).


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