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Um…What am I doing wrong?

Tomato - Front Error So, as you know from my last post, all I have left to do is pick up stitches for the neck and sleeves of Tomato. Unfortunately, I have some sort of problem picking up stitches! After doing a few rows of ribbing, I realized I had a purl ridge between the body and neck! You can click the picture for a larger image. The perfectionist in me didn’t want to show a really large image of my mistake :)

This is the same thing I did both times I made the Buttonhole Bag. I’m pretty sure I knowTomato - Back Error what I did wrong this time, and I plan on ripping out the ribbing and trying again. But, I think I’ll take it with me and show it to the ladies tonight to get some help. I’m concerned I’ll rip it out and do it the way I think is right and still end up with the ridge. Keep your fingers crossed for me! I would really like to finish Tomato this weekend!

10 thoughts on “Um…What am I doing wrong?”

  1. I agree with Nicole. I think you picked up from the wrong side, or you started the ribbing in the wrong direction. Definitely bring it tonight and we’ll get you on the right track.


  2. I’m glad you caught it before you were all done (been there, done that, frogged it back, corrected = no fun!)

    I’ve enjoyed watching the progress of this pattern.


  3. Hi, I’d agree with the other comments – maybe you picked from the wrong side. It sounds like you’ll get the help you need tonight which is perfect. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that you get to finish this weekend. I also can’t wait to see the final result.


  4. after picking up stitches for the very first time yesterday, the knitters handbook agrees with everyone…pick up on the RS. for my project, not so visually an issue since it’s the base of my market bag.

    hope you get it done this weekend, as planned!


  5. I’ve done the same thing periodically, and if you figure out a way to assure that I ALWAYS pick up stitches correctly on the first try, please let me know!!


  6. I was going to guess the same thing everyone else has already said. Stitches were picked up on the wrong side. I have made that mistake soooooooo many times. I can’t wait to see it.


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