Tomato is Done!

Well, the knitting is done; I still have to weave in the ends and block it. Sorry there’s no picture to show you. I’ll try to get one soon!

Thanks for all your help and comments from the last post. Yes, I did pick up the stitches for the neck with the wrong side facing. It’s kind of funny, but when I showed some people my error on Friday night, they actually said they liked it that way! :) But, I didn’t want it to stay that way, so I ripped out the ribbing and tried again. This time, I picked up the stitches correctly and finished the neck. But now there’s another weird thing going on between the body and neck. Maybe it will look better after I block it.

I’m still working on the Chevron Scarf, but what I’m not sure what to work on next.

NH Knitting Mama YarnI’d like to do something with this yarn, but I haven’t decided what to knit yet. I’ve found a few shawl/stole patterns that should work if I could just choose one to try. By the way, Amanda has opened an Etsy shop for anyone interested in checking out this beautiful yarn!

I’d like to start the Celtic Tote, too, but I think I need a little help reading the pattern because most of it is in chart form.

It’s also charity knitting time. Colorful Yarns is participating in two charities this fall, and I’d like to knit something for both of them. I already have the yarn to make a cat blanket for the Cat Care Society and Good Samaritan Pet Center (thanks Tiffany!) and there’s a really cute hat pattern in the Knitting for Peace book that would work for the Kaps for Kendall Chemo Caps Project.

Last year I made a few hats for the Soaring Eagles Project. Rachel is planning something for her students this year and I’d like to participate again.

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