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Summer KAL-CAL

Remember when I made the Booga Bag and Girly Bag for the Summer KAL-CAL? Well, I was one of the Random Drawing winners!

Look at this beautiful yarn I received from White Willow:

White Willow Yarn - Ice Princess

I love the name :)

White Willow Yarn - Tag & Charm

I was able to look through White Willow’s sold items on Etsy and choose the color I wanted!


Thanks for all of you nice comments from my last post :) Would you like to see me wearing my Mint Tomato?

Here’s the front:

Mint Tomato - Front

I feel like such a dork getting my picture taken!

Here’s the back:

Mint Tomato - Back

See how the sleeves are slightly poofy? It’s kind of annoying. Oh well, this is the first sweater I’ve knit, so I can only get better with practice, right? :)

21 thoughts on “Summer KAL-CAL”

  1. I don’t know what you’re talking about b/c it looks great on you! That’s a great job on your FO, love it!

    The yarn you chose is great too.


  2. Wow! You look fantastic wearing your Mint Tomato – it looks so good on you and seems to have the perfect fit! I don’t think you should worry too much about the sleeves – I like them much better when they’re a tiny bit poofy than when they’re too tight, I think your sleeves are just perfect! Fantastic job!
    Oh, and the yarn! The yarn!!! *Drool*


  3. Sheesh…I’ve been with my cousin in Russia who’s name is Terri…who spells her name with no “e”. Sorry about the mis-spelled name! :)


  4. Great win – love the color you picked!

    Your Mint Tomato looks great! What a great fit! I can’t believe it’s your first sweater. You did an awesome job!

    I don’t think the sleeves look bad. I guess I can kind of see what you mean a little in the photo. Have you tried wet blocking it? Or maybe run elastic in it like I did for my Aamu. It worked for me and now I’m going to do it to the ribbing on my sleeves too because it’s getting stretched out the more I ware it.

    Still though, your Tomato looks FAB!


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