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Knitting with Charlie

Last Friday I took Charlie to the vet for her dental cleaning. It’s a little hard to see in this picture, but they had to shave a small patch of hair on both front legs to give her the sedative (I guess they couldn’t get it on the first try and had to try the other leg). Luckily everything went fine at the vet, and now we just have to give Charlie antibiotics for a few more days. Doesn’t she look so proper with her legs crossed? Charlie’s my little princess :)

Princess Charlie

She likes sitting on my lap, so last night she kept me company while knitting my Chevron scarf. I’m almost done with it! :D I plan on stopping when I finish the 2 skeins (1 of each color) I’m using now. The pattern calls for 2 skeins of EACH color, but I think that would make the scarf too long for me.

Here’s how Kennedy spent the evening:

Sleepy Kennedy

She really likes her beds. Yes, she has more than one. Sometimes, she’ll even get up from one bed, walk over to the other bed and go back to sleep! Crazy cat!

13 thoughts on “Knitting with Charlie”

  1. My dog does that, too, and I wonder what she’s up to. I wonder if one bed gets too warm and she goes to the other to cool off.

    By the way, your sweater is great!


  2. Gotta love kitties. They are such blissninnies!! I agree that two skeins of each colorway is too much. Whenever I get around to knitting on my scarf again, I am going to stop after one of each as well.


  3. I so adore those pics of your little furry girls – especially Charlie’s crossed paws, she looks like a real princess there! Very beautiful!


  4. Crazy Cats? Let’s ponder this, shall we? They live in a nice warm house, have multiple laps and warm places to sleep, and have their food and water and litter provided for them. All in exchange for some cuddles and the occasional photo-shoot.

    Not so crazy after all.


  5. You know, I knit my chevron scarf with one skein of each and it was plenty long. When you think about it, if you yarn is abouot 200 yds each, with 1 skein of both yarns, mine went to 70 inches and I still had yarn left. Really, why do I need a scarf that long for only being 5’4″? But I also don’t like very long scarves either. One skein of two colors is plenty long imo.


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