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Books & Other Fun Stuff

I received these books yesterday, and realized I still haven’t shared the fun knitting-related stuff I received for my b-day and Christmas!

** Warning…long post with lots of pictures **

Vogue Knitting Stitchionaries
I’ve been wanting these books for a while. I couldn’t pass up the Barnes & Noble sale!

Amy Butler Sanibel Bag
I love this bag! Some of my friends gave me a gift card to Colorful Yarns so I could get one of the new Amy Butler Sweet Life bags for my b-day.


Mary-Kay gave me this pashmina from her trip to New York!

These are also from Mary-Kay…I get to choose the color and she’ll dye them just for me :)

Bucket, Yarn, Stitch Markers

Stacey & her mom, Marsha, hosted a Christmas party and we each had a partner for the gift swap. Marsha gave me this pink bucket (holds lots of yarn!), some Opal sock yarn*, sock stitch markers and sock patterns! They also had cute little candy cane stitch markers as party favors.

Cats & Yarn
Sam gave me this fun stuff: a really cute cat book, “lounge” pants with cats and yarn, and Colinette JitterBug yarn in the Mist colorway*.

Sheep & Yarn

Nachaele gave me this pretty Blue Sky Alpacas Suri Merino yarn in the Seamist colorway*, some little sheep stitch markers, sheep-shaped soap and an AMC gift card.

Market Tote
This cool tote is from Kelly.

Skulls & Bag

This awesome bag and stitch markers (skulls!!!) are also from Kelly!

Northampton Wools

The week before Christmas the Arvada knitters got together at Knit Knack for a gift exchange. I got this book from Betsy.

Jelby Stitch Markers

I got these awesome stitch markers from Stacey. LOVE the sheep on them :)

Lantern Moon Tape Measures
And finally, some fun tape measures from Lantern Moon!

Thank you so much to everyone! I’m looking forward to knitting a lot more this year, and learning how to knit socks!! :D

*The photos don’t necessarily portray the actual color of the yarn! Sorry, bad lighting in our apartment :(


By the way, if you’re looking for some new yarn, or possibly a new knitting bag, check out Jeni’s Destash sale!

13 thoughts on “Books & Other Fun Stuff”

  1. Happy Birthday!!

    Dang you got some awesome things (that I am tagging! LOL)

    I just posted about a great sock book you may want to check out! ;o)


  2. You got one too!! We love the Amy Butler bags, don’t we? Now I just want more. I like your colorway too.. hmm. The hat pattern is so cute… What a great haul you got for Xmas/birthday!


  3. You received some lovely gifts! I love the Amy Butler bag you chose. And those felted stitch markers are great. I’ve never seen anything like them.


  4. I love reading your blog and have nominated you for the ‘you make my day award’
    (details are on my blog).

    I know Sam already sent this your way but I am going to send you one as well. That just means your loved twice as much!!


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