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So, I sometimes have a hard time knitting at home because I have 2 cats, and both want to sit on my lap whenever possible. I usually end up on the couch with my feet up so Charlie can lay on my legs, and Kennedy sits in my lap. The other night Nathan & I were watching Angel, and Charlie was sleeping on the blanket next to me. I was actually able to knit, which was surprising! Until, of course, Kennedy decided to join us.

Kennedy & Charlie

Apparently she didn’t think she could comfortably sit on my lap with my knitting bag & pattern, so she finally just laid right on top of Charlie! Now, maybe this doesn’t look that bad to you, but Kennedy is about 15 pounds, and poor Charlie is only 8 pounds!! Charlie didn’t even react, so I guess it didn’t bother her (or she just couldn’t breathe with the weight of Kennedy on top of her!!) Ahhh, the joys of living with crazy cats!

In other knitting related news, I’m actually working on a new project!! Last week I started both the Hourglass Sweater and the Koolhaas hat!! I’ve only knit a couple rows of the sweater because once I started the hat it’s all I want to knit! I’ll try to get a picture of it soon. With a big thanks to Cathy, I actually know what I’m doing with the cable pattern :)

11 thoughts on “Squish”

  1. Love the determination of both cats to be right there with you – similar scenes a regular feature in my house too

    That Koolhaas pattern is a real winner so am looking forward to seeing yours


  2. LOVE that photo. Sissy does the same with Mugsy. Right now, they weigh about the same, but as Sissy grows, I’m wondering if Mugsy will remain so tolerant?


  3. Hee hee hee hee hee hee hee. Love the smooshy kitties.

    My kitties were so glad when the “big purple sweater” was done because there was much more lap room for them.

    They much prefer it when I knit socks. Or hats. :-)


  4. I hope I get to see both of them soon! Yay for you casting on a cabley hat and a sweater! Yay Terrie! That picture of your cats is cracking me up!! :)


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