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Cabling…without a needle!

Start of Koolhaas Hat

This is the yarn I won last September from Amanda*. I’ve been waiting for the perfect project and finally realized that I could double the yarn and use it for the Koolhaas hat!

The other night Stacey showed me how to do the cables without a cable needle. It does make the pattern go faster, but I’m still a little nervous about dropping the stitch! I guess I will get plenty of practice on this hat :)

*If you’d like to see some more yarn that Amanda dyes, check out her Etsy shop!

10 thoughts on “Cabling…without a needle!”

  1. Awesome Awesome Awesome hat. And cabling without a needle… how brave! I’ve got to pick that up at some point.

    Congrats, it looks great. Can’t wait to see the completed object.


  2. Thanks for the shout out!

    Cabling without a needle and doubling the yarn – I am not so brave, but I know you can do it! The hat looks great already! Please show progress pics/FO!


  3. Your hat is lovely. That hat is on my to do list, but I haven’t cast on yet. And I haven’t tried cabling without a needle yet, either.


  4. my friend said this hat was a hard pattern for her because she had to pay attention. i think it looks RAD!!!

    i’m off to attempt to knit a cardigan. we’ll see how messed up i can make it. LOL

    that color is going to look lovely on you!


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