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Pink Ribbon Yarn & Patterns

Tuesday night I went knitting at Knit Knack. I finished my 2nd barn raising square and started a ribbed scarf to match my Koolhaas Hat. I know, I really need to work on the sleeves for my Hourglass Sweater, but I was lazy and didn’t feel like taking more stuff with me.

I did pick up a couple things at the shop. Mary-Kay dyed 30 skeins of her Red Rocks Fiber Works Aspen Sock yarn in the colorway “Pink Ribbon”. She and Gerri (owner of Knit Knack) will be donating 30% of the yarn sales to the Susan G. Koman foundation. I think it’s great that they’re doing this all because of our friend Nicole!

I’m not even sure what I’ll make with this, I just thought it was pretty and for such a great cause :)

I’ve been looking for a cardigan pattern that I could make to wear at work. Don’t you just love how hot it gets outside, but inside it’s freezing because of the air conditioning? I thought this cardigan looked really pretty, and they had a sample in the shop so I decided to give it a try.

I don’t really want to knit with wool right now and I’m not much of a multi-stripes person, so I would like to do this with a different yarn. Plus, I want something kind of neutral so it will go with anything.

Of course, yesterday I saw this on Ravelry, and this could be a good option too.

Decisions, decisions ;)

9 thoughts on “Pink Ribbon Yarn & Patterns”

  1. I hate that about the summer…I’m constantly freezing inside and then roasting when i go outside. I vote on the second sweater, I totally want to make that one. :)


  2. Hey, thanks for supporting the cause. I hope you find something cool to do with it!

    Ditto on the “hot” knitting. I can’t STAND wool on my hands in summer. I get sooo HOT!


  3. Love it all. Shawls work for me for warmer weather knitting AND cool office wearing, and I bet that sweet pink is a’ plenty for a summer shawl…


  4. i have now added that cardi/jacket to my queue…

    i’m almost finished with my cardi and am nearing the blocking stages!

    love that pink yarn, so sweet. thinking of your friend nicole…


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