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Whiskers on Wednesday

Charlie & Kennedy are featured on Whiskers on Wednesday today :D

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Today’s Whiskers on Wednesday features Charlie…and her Kitty Pi Bed!

Kitty Pi Pre-felted
Charlie acts completely uninterested
Charlie acts completely uninterested
Now she's inspecting the bed
Checking it out
Yep, smells like wool
Yep, smells like wool
Please don't bother me while I'm sleeping
Trying to sleep

Pattern: Kitty Pi Bed by Wendy Johnson
Started: Monday, August 25th, 2008
Finished: Sunday, August 30th, 2008
Yarn: Brown Sheep Lamb’s Pride Bulky in Silver Gray, Charcoal Heather and Deep Charcoal
Needles: US 11 circulars

Charlie always seems happy about a new bed, but after a while she stops using it. A couple of my friends made the Kitty Pi bed and their cats liked it…until they felted it. I decided to give the bed to Charlie pre-felted. Once she gets bored with it, I’ll felt it and hopefully give her another “new” bed for a while!

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12 thoughts on “Whiskers on Wednesday”

  1. OHHHHHH…….I have to make one for my guys soon. They look so comfy in it……….Good job Terrie………Cheryl


  2. Hahha you’re adding to her addiction! The first step to recovery, is admitting that Charlie has a problem….

    P.S. Was my pleasure to feature your darlings!


  3. love the photo of kennedy using charlie as a bed, too! i wish my two were like that.

    i think my chloe would adore a pi…i do have some felt-able yarn. yea! new project that i don’t have to shop for! (i hate my yarn diet)


  4. Very cute. And I like your cunning plan ;o) I’m tempted to knit something like this for Buster… but that would be a whole lot of knitting for that big boy. Can you imagine?!


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