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Whiskers On Wednesday

Here are a couple of pictures from a few months ago when we were watching Paradise for our friend. I’ve really missed Paradise since they moved to California, but I don’t think Charlie or Kennedy are too broken up by it.

Paradise & Charlie

I can’t imagine why Charlie wasn’t as pleased with our guest. She just wanted to play :)

Paradise & Kennedy

This was as close as Kennedy ever got to Paradise. Although Charlie wasn’t too happy with how playful Paradise was, she never even used her claws when swatting at her. Unfortunately, Kennedy wasn’t as nice. It was easier to just keep Kennedy and Paradise apart.

>^..^<          >^..^<          >^..^<

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4 thoughts on “Whiskers On Wednesday”

  1. Cute photo of Paradise and Charlie. If Kennedy saw that… well, let’s just say I’d swat too to avoid being a pillow.


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