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Mittens from Norway

Before my parents came out last week, my mom’s cousin and her husband from Norway went to Wisconsin for a visit. They brought some gifts for us and look what I got:

Selbu - Votter
Selbu - Votter

In Norwegian, Vott means mitten and Votter means mittens. Selbu is located in central Norway and it is where a 16 year old girl named Marit invented this style of knitting around 1850. I would love to visit Norway someday!

Thank you Berit & Per for the lovely mittens!


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  1. You have a Norwegian in your family!! I am leaving for Norway last week.. want to come..? I will go “home” for 2 weeks, but heading back in July. And in between(june) I will go to Denver, or maybe Estes Park. I love it up there. I miss the mountains! Have a great rest of the week!


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