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Spring in Colorado

Last night I went to bed listening to the rain. I was quite surprised to wake up to this:

April Snow

We’ve had more snow in March and April than we had all winter! Luckily, the snow didn’t stick to to road, so my drive to work wasn’t that bad.

April Snow 2

By late morning the snow stopped and it’s clearing up now. For the rest of the week we’re supposed to be in the 60’s and 70’s!


I know this isn’t the best picture, but this is how it looks right now from my office window.

This is what happened when my family came to visit. It was in the 70’s for days before they arrived, then it was cold and snowing while they were here, and the day they left it was in the 70’s again! At least we had 1 really nice day while they were here. It was perfect, too, because that was the day we had scheduled to go on a tour of the Rocky Mountain Arsenal. My friend Cathy was our wonderful tour guide, and we had a great time spotting all the birds and animals.

5 thoughts on “Spring in Colorado”

  1. Isn’t that crazy! I thought Joe was pulling my leg when he told me first thing this morning. Happy that it cleared up as quickly as it appeared :)


  2. Boy, the wind blows here in Southern California and I think I’m cold! I grew up in (barely) the South, but I think you get used to where you live and the climate you live in. I like your view!


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