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Whiskers on Wednesday

Charlie & Kennedy have done very well adjusting to their new home. In fact, with all the moving we’ve done in the past, they must have known this was our permanent home! They seemed pretty well adjusted with the place in a few hours, rather than a few days like it usually took them!

This is Charlie’s new favorite spot to sleep:


Sometimes she sleeps on the ottoman, but usually she’s on the back of the chair facing the room. It kind of looks like she’s trying to ignore us in this picture :)


Kennedy sleeps in her cat bed. Then she gets up, stretches, walks past the TV and gets into the other cat bed! One of the beds used to be Charlie’s, but Kennedy has now claimed them both. Oh well, at least Charlie has the couch and chair to sleep on :)


Whiskers on Wednesday

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4 thoughts on “Whiskers on Wednesday Leave a comment

  1. love it! i enjoyed watching our cats figure out their favorite spots for napping when we first moved in. of course, now they’ve changed a little bit. so so cute, your two!! i love the switching of beds when the fancy strikes.


  2. They are so funny about the places they sleep. Sorry I have not been keeping up, I’ve been in a funk and have been vegging and spending less time on the computer.


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