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Whiskers on Wednesday

I saw this link on moderncat the other day. Here’s yet another fun way to waste time on the computer :)

Chat NoirThe trick is to encircle the cat with the dark green dots before it can escape off the edge of the page! Give it a try if you have some time!


Whiskers on Wednesday

You can check out more cat stories and pictures atΒ Whiskers on Wednesday

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  1. Oh my gosh! I just spent a half an hour on that game. Love it. It gets a lot easier to trap that cat after you play awhile. Just make your boundaries further out. Love it. Don’t know whether to thank you or not thank you about introducing me to this time waster…………


  2. No, um, I really appreciate it when Jakey (grandson) is crying in the other room at 3am and remember he is not my worry, his mom is here!


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