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New Project Bags

I’ve been meaning to show you a couple new project bags I’ve picked up from Piddleloop!

Both bags are in their newest styles. The first one is their Wedge Bag which works well for medium size projects; I have my February Lady in here. I love the embroidered sheep with his little heart :)

Wedge Bag
Wedge Bag

This is the Triangle Bag and it’s good for small projects, notions, etc. My Barn Raising Squares fit nicely in here!

Triangle Bag
Triangle Bag

Piddleloop had a small update in their Etsy shop yesterday and there are a few bags left, if you are interested! You can also place Custom Orders if you like something that’s no longer available in the shop. They always add some fun extras when they send out their bags, too!

Since it’s Whiskers on Wednesday today, I thought I’d better share some pics of Charlie & Kennedy! Here’s Kennedy sleeping on our bed. She loves our bed so much that she has to wake us up (early!!) on the weekends just to get in the bedroom and sleep on our bed.

Very tired
Very tired...zzzzzzzzzzz

I’m sure I’ve mentioned before that Charlie is much more playful than Kennedy. And Jen, she loves the milk bottle ring you sent! Thanks for that; it’s one of her favorite toys :) Has anyone else found that your cat(s) have more fun with every day items, rather than store-bought toys?

Love the shadow!
Love the shadow!

I haven’t been knitting very much lately, but this weekend should help. On Friday I’m heading to Breckenridge with the girls for Camp! I hope to get a lot of knitting (and other fun stuff) done over the weekend. Yeah!!

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I'm Terrie and I enjoy paper crafting, cross stitch, knitting and sewing. I also love reading and spending time outside in nature!

8 thoughts on “New Project Bags Leave a comment

  1. I love Jen’s bags! Gretchen will wake me up to tell me she’s moved to a new spot, but generally lets me go back to sleep.


  2. Great photos of the kitties. My cats love to play with the the plastic strip that you peel off the milk bottles. Go figure. I felted them some lovely mice and stuffed them with catnip.,,,,, not so much.


  3. awwww thanks for the great shout out terrie! I am glad you enjoy your new wedge and triangle bags! i am so jealous of your camp! i hope you and the girls have tons of fun!!


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