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Whiskers on Wednesday

It wasn’t quite as hot this weekend as it has been lately, so on Sunday the cats enjoyed spending some time outside. Although you can’t see it too well, our landscaping was completed a few months ago and it looks so nice in the courtyard now!


For some reason, Kennedy really likes lying on the bathmat when we get ready in the morning. Nathan thought she looked so comfy the other day that all she needed was a little ‘blanket’ to complete the look. Ahhhh…this is the life :)


You may have notices a theme with Kennedy – she’s very practiced in the art of lounging!


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8 thoughts on “Whiskers on Wednesday”

  1. You can really tell, these are two very happy cats!!!!Kudos to their Mom and Dad for giving them lots of love…….Cheryl


  2. Cute photos! I love the one where they are on the deck. :) And Kennedy sure does have that lounging down pat. LOL


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