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Endless Whimsy

A while back, moderncat had a post with some adorable little sculptured kitties from Endless Whimsy. Well, of course I had to check out her Etsy shop, and I may have purchased a few sculptures.

Initially, I was just going to buy this one, because I LOVE the sparkle!

Endless Whimsy - Glitter

Then I saw there was a special sculpture to help Daisy raise money for the Homeless Animal Rescue Team. This fundraiser donated $4 and a can of food for each pink sculpture sold,  so I had to help out.

Endless Whimsy - Pink

I also couldn’t pass up these adorable black kitties!

Endless Whimsy - Group

What I really love is that Endless Whimsy is a member of Etsy for Animals and she donates 10% of all her sales to the Homeless Animal Rescue Team. There are a lot of cute sculptures in her shop right now, so check them out! She also takes custom orders and does dog sculptures, too :)

Happy Whiskers on Wednesday!

10 thoughts on “Endless Whimsy”

  1. The “kitties” are so-o-o-o cute! Carrie would love them!! Black and red are her colors. What delightful treats around your home!


  2. Hi there! I was tickled to get your comment on my blog, and then come to discover that you live in Denver! I’m just two+ hours from Denver and go there often to visit my sister. Last time I was in town (about two weeks ago) I visited Showers of Flowers for the first time. What a great shop! Anyway, it’s nice to run across you in blogland. (I’m a kitty person, too… I think maybe all knitters are!)


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