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New Cat Beds

Nathan brought home some new cat beds the other night. He’s such a sweetie! I couldn’t wait to see how the cats would like them, so I just put them on the floor. Charlie was the first to check them out and she decided to take the larger bed. Of course, Kennedy couldn’t be left out, so she got in the smaller one.

Cat Beds

They both look pretty funny in the “wrong” beds, but they got quite comfortable. I love how Kennedy has her paw up by her face.

Kennedy in Bed

Charlie appears to be sinking into the bed. They both stayed in the beds most of the night. In the morning we switched Kennedy’s old bed with the new large bed and put the smaller new bed on the chair that Charlie’s been sleeping on. Hopefully that will stop Kennedy from stealing Charlies’ bed and leaving Charlie with nothing!

Charlie in Bed

Since Halloween is on Saturday, I thought some of you might be interest in some cool Cat Pumpkin Stencils!


They also have a great gallery of Cat Pumpkin carvings; click here to get inspired!

Happy Whiskers on Wednesday :)

10 thoughts on “New Cat Beds”

  1. Nice beds! I hope the cats got straightened out as to who should be in which bed – in spite of the choices they made first!


  2. Oooh! Thanks for the pumpkin stencil link! It’s about that time and I always like to do something knitting or cat related. :-)

    Love the kitty pics. :) I need to attempt to find our kittehs some new beds.


  3. Thanks for the photos Terrie. They look so cozy in their beds. I will have to try and make one or buy one and try again. Right now, they seem to like our bed, not the best choice with the cat hair, etc. Stay warm.


  4. That’s so cute. Sissy will once in a while get in the TINY bed we bought for Gretchen last winter… I’ll have to snap a photo of it.

    Love those stencils!


  5. They look so cute in their new beds! We got Jasmine a pillow for her kitty condo, she wouldn’t go in it while that dang pillow was in there! Silly cat…. oh well. LOL


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