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Brrrrrrrrr…It’s Cold Outside!

We’re only going to be in the low 20’s and teens for the next few days, so I’m glad the cats have nice warm beds to sleep in!

Although, as you can see, putting the small bed on the chair did not deter Kennedy from taking it!

Sharing the chair

Luckily for Charlie, Nathan bought a second small bed so both cats could have one. I’m really glad they love their beds so much…it certainly makes it easier to knit since they’re not both on my lap quite so much :)

To each her own

Happy Whiskers on Wednesday!

7 thoughts on “Brrrrrrrrr…It’s Cold Outside!”

  1. Wow! I wish I could get all my cats to use a bed. I knitted a nice round one with some old Homespun I had and I have only one cat, Paddy, who will use it. Do you think it’s the yarn choice??????


  2. peace, love, coziness, and happiness come to mind when the pictures are in sight. hope that life is always as comfortable as this.


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