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This little guy is only 6 days old! Isn’t he adorable? I thought maybe I could distract you with his cuteness so you wouldn’t notice that I don’t actually have anything to post :)

I have an FO and some other fun stuff to share, but I still need to get some pictures. How are all your holiday preparations coming along? Things are going well here, I’m just really busy. I bought Christmas card at the end of November and still haven’t mailed them out! Sheesh! I’d better get moving if I want them to arrive before Christmas…NEXT WEEK!

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  1. i was sticking with a one in, one out rule, but then realized that if aunt judy got a card and the other aunts didn’t…we’d never hear the end of it. so only family got cards sent to them this year.


  2. I carefully toted my cards and the left-over Christmas stamps in early this week. Yesterday, I remembered return address labels and the address book. Today, I sent THREE before the mail ran. I’m thinking that while I’m snowed in this weekend (ha!), I’ll try to do cards.


  3. How precious is that little lamb? Thanks for sharing Terry. Want you to know that I have not forgotten the pay it forward gifting, it’s just on the back burner. Good thing we were given a year to do it…………Yikes it goes fast.


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