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Community Book Club

So I have recently started reading The Help by Kathryn Stockett. I’ve heard a lot of great things about it and have been meaning to read for quite a while. I finally picked up a copy when I saw it was selected for One Book, One Denver.

“One Book, One Denver is Mayor John Hickenlooper’s citywide book club created to build community and stimulate people to read. Denver citizens, young and old, are encouraged to join others in the shared experience of simultaneously reading the same book and participating in related events. One Book, One Denver is brought to the community by the Denver Office of Cultural Affairs and a diverse group of partners including educational, arts and literary organizations throughout the city. All activities and events are free and open to the public.” Taken from the Denver Public Library website.

As part of this program, I will be taking a sewing class at Fancy Tiger Crafts! I will learn how to sew a hotpad, and see if I like sewing…as if I need another craft :)

This giant blue bear is another part of Denver Office of Cultural Affairs – their Public Art Program. He’s peeking into the Colorado Convention Center.  We had to get a picture when we were walking by last month with some visiting friends.

Since it’s Wednesday, here’s a shot of Charlie playing with some yarn. See how excited Kennedy is about it? Ha!

Happy Whiskers on Wednesday!

8 thoughts on “Community Book Club”

  1. I want to read that. Maybe I’ll read it next, since I’ll probably finish the current book today… Nice photo of you, and love the two completely opposite reactions to the yarn.


  2. You’ll enjoy sewing :) I’m still a newb myself, but I made a Halloween apron that I’m pretty dang proud of! I hope to get some sewing projects done for the holiday gifts this year – we’ll see if it happens, hee hee!

    My Frankie isn’t interested in the yarn unless it’s in my hands and I’m knitting with it. It’s the jiggly movement that gets him going. Otherwise he’s not all that interested.

    I love the concept of the One Book One Denver – talk about being able to strike up a conversation with ppl in your town :)


  3. I want to read The Help. Last week I put a copy in my shopping basket, walked around the store for a while only to come to the conclusion that the five books I am currently reading are enough at this time. (I will most likely write you back next week to say I went out over the weekend and made this purchase!).


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