Sewing Project

Look what I did this weekend!

Friday night I went to Fancy Tiger for a free sewing class as part of One Book, One Denver. What a fun class! I had a little trouble picking out a fabric for my hotpads since there were so many great ones to choose from! We ended up having enough time in class that I got to test out some of the fun stitch patterns on the sewing machine. I chose this one to sew around the outside:

I haven’t sewn for many years, and even then it wasn’t much. I will definitely have to take more sewing classes at Fancy Tiger in the future. All the machines were threaded and ready to go for Friday’s class, so the Sewing 101 class would probably be a good start for me. They also have an A-Line Skirt class that would be nice and I’d really like to make the Amy Butler Birdie Sling Bag!

Now I have this cute pair of hotpads for my kitchen and another craft that I kind of want to get into :)

9 thoughts on “Sewing Project”

  1. Good for you. Fancy Tiger is such a great store and they have wonderful classes. The A-line skirt will look great on you and you can make a sweater to coordinate.


  2. Oooh let me know if you want company… I really want to learn how to sew and they have the coolest classes. LOVE the hotpads!


  3. Yeah for sewing – I need to dust mine off and get working on some holiday projects soon. That Amy Butler bag pattern is also on my to-do list too :)


  4. Love the fabric and look at you sew! A sewing 101 class is in my future too… probably over the summer though.


  5. They look so perfect! Thanks for the reminder, I really need to make myself new ones… My crocheted pair are absolutely falling apart. If only there was more time for craft projects these days!


  6. In our family, at Christmastime we pull names for gifts for an exchange. What happens is, everyone makes up a list of a few things they would like for Christmas, and then the person who gets your name, gets you what you want. You know, Terrie, as a bloggie friend I feel like we are sorta family. We’ve shared things about one another over these past few years. I am letting you know what I really want for Christmas this year is handmade pot holders JUST like the ones you made!!!! (Honestly, they are so pretty. You should go ahead and make yourself that bag. You can do it!).


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