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Charlie And The Tree

Sorry for the poor-quality pictures! Camera phones aren’t the greatest if you don’t have good light :)

Charlie has been enjoying the Christmas tree ever since we put it up. She really likes being on the velvet tree skirt. Since I’ve started putting a few presents under the tree, I almost can’t see her hiding behind them! Both cats are really good with the tree…neither try to climb it our play with the ornaments. However, Charlie has now decided the branches are a pretty good brush!

“What? If you’re not going to brush me whenever I want, I’ll find my own way to do it!”

Happy Whiskers on Wednesday!

5 thoughts on “Charlie And The Tree”

  1. My cats have always loved the tree and laying under it. Right now I have a white stuffed cat under it. They are not amused with this trespasser.


  2. I love it!! Beats my fears that Sissy would collide into the tree while leaping and racing and… being Sissy.


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