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My Little Baby

A couple of weeks ago I took Charlie & Kennedy to the vet for their regular exams and blood work. A week later I brought  both cats back to the vet. We had decided we would try acupuncture for Kennedy because of her limping episode last year. Considering she hates going to the vet, Kennedy did pretty well in her first session. She even had a few needles in place when it was time to remove them!

Sadly, Charlie also had to go back to the vet. She had some “high numbers” on her blood work results so they needed to run some more tests; we’re still waiting to hear those results.

Could you send some good, healthy vibes to Charlie? It’s possible the problem is just an infection that we can take care of with antibiotics, but it’s also possible that she has chronic kidney disease which is very common in older cats. Charlie will be 13 next month, but she still acts like a kitten so much that I don’t think of her as old (not that 13 is that old for a cat). I didn’t even know what kidney disease really meant, but after some internet research I found out it’s a form of chronic renal failure, which is incurable :(

I take Kennedy back to the vet tomorrow for her 2nd session of acupuncture, so I guess I’ll find out what Charlies’ test results show. I really hope it’s something that we can easily clear up for her!

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  1. T- CKD/CRI/CRF are not curable, but they ARE treatable. There’s lots to do, including subcutaneous fluid, adding extra water to food. changing to a high quality protein wet food diet that is moderate to low in phosphorus. (Wellness brand canned food, turkey and chicken flavors are all of the above). I can email you some web sites with awesome info. I also had Cosmo on calcitriol, which is not standard treatment, but might be helpful.


  2. Paws crossed here for Charlie. I don’t know of anything more stressful than the unknown in pet health. Keep us posted!!


  3. Purrs and Hugs for Charlie (and Kennedy) from myself and from Taffy and Purrcy. Get her on the prescription food as soon as possible, as it really had a very good effect on my old cat Sorsha. And since you caught it before obvious symptoms, control should be easier and better for all. Hugs hugs hugs hugs hugs!


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