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The Weekend

It’s so nice to have a quick knitting project to finish! Here is my Darkside Cowl I finished on Saturday.

Pattern: Darkside Cowl by Sarah Fama (my Ravelry page)
Started: February 13, 2011
Completed: February 19, 2011
Yarn: Sunflower Yarns in Pink Aran

It was rather windy on Sunday when we were taking pictures :)


Charlie is doing very well. On Friday we went to the vet and watched the vet tech give Charlie her fluids. Last night was the first time Nathan and I attempted it on our own.  I think it was harder for us than it was for her because we had to poke Charlie with a needle. I was worried I would hurt Charlie, and just as the vet tech said, she does have thick skin! But, with Charlie on my lap, I got the needle in and pet her while Nathan kept an eye on the fluid level. Things were going well until Charlie started moving and the needle came out…I guess I wasn’t holding it in place well enough :( But, Charlie seemed fine and she got some treats, and we gave her almost all that we were supposed to last night. We’re only giving her fluids once a week, and will have her blood checked in a month to see how she’s doing. Hopefully her numbers are close enough to normal that we won’t have to give her fluids more frequently.

6 thoughts on “The Weekend”

  1. I’m pretty sure that’s the same pattern Amy used to make the pretty green cowl she gave me for Christmas. I love it. It’s a good fit, with a tiny bit of stretch.

    Glad you all made it through the first treatment!


  2. Charlie’s lucky to have both of you :) Glad the first treatment went alright – needles scare me, but I guess when put into a position when you have to do so for those we love, it puts it into perspective and I’m sure the scary needle thoughts would not cross my mind.

    Your darkside cowl is beautiful! That’s on my queue, just haven’t gotten around to it (just like a lot of other patterns) :)


  3. Love the cowl, everything looks good on you…..Hope Charlie improves and gets better. You are a good kitty mommy……


  4. Your cowl is great! (It’s been on my to do list too!) I hope things improve so
    you won’t have to do that as much to Charlie, but at least you’re trying and that’s awesome! I’m a big chicken around needles!


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