Charlie, Kennedy, WoW

Charlie’s New Bed…Again

Any time we bring new beds home (1 for each cat), Charlie & Kennedy enjoy them for a while, and then Kennedy starts using Charlie’s bed as well as her own bed. Unfortunately, this means Charlie eventually stops using her bed so Kennedy ends up with 2 beds and Charlie has none :(

Well, I think we have finally found the perfect bed for Charlie, and Kennedy doesn’t even know it’s there!

I think Charlie looks like a pearl in an oyster shell

I’m guessing Kennedy hasn’t noticed or cared about this bed because it doesn’t look like a typical bed.  However, it’s really soft and Charlie loves it, so now each cat has her own bed :)

Can you see Kennedy peeking over the top of her bed?

Friday Nathan took Charlie to the vet for her a blood work check-up. It’s been a month since we’ve been giving her sub-Q fluids and they wanted to see how it was going. I’m very happy to report that she’s doing great and her numbers have improved since the last lab results! That means we can continue giving her fluids once a week rather than increasing the amount. Now I just need to find some food that is better for Charlie’s kidneys that she likes and doesn’t make her sick!

6 thoughts on “Charlie’s New Bed…Again”

  1. Glad to hear her bloodwork was better. I do love that photo of the little calico pearl… So glad you found a bed Kennedy isn’t interested in!


  2. Congratulations on a successful knitting day last Saturday!! We LOVE Charlie’s new bed. Hope Kennedy never figures it out. :) And good job on keeping Charlie hydrated.
    Carrie says, It looks different to see a necklace on a cat!


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