I met the Yarn Harlot!

I know, I should have posted this sooner, but on Thursday night Stephanie Pearl-McPhee came to Denver!

Her discussion and book signing was held at the Tattered Cover on Thursday at 7:30pm. They started handing out tickets at 6:30pm. I had to work late, so I didn’t get there until about 6:15; I was the 118th person in line! It was so cool to see everyone knitting while waiting in line. There were some very nice ladies in front of me who helped me with some knitting problems I was having. Unfortunately, I didn’t finish my hat in time for this event. I messed something up and had to rip it all out and start over :( I will have to mail it to someone when I finish it.

Stephanie walked in to thunderous applause; everyone was so excited to see her. And she was hilarious! I wasn’t able to get any good pictures, but I know there will be some on Stephanie’s website. I would guess there were over 200 people at this event. When the book signing started, Stephanie requested that all the parents with children and anyone else who couldn’t wait come up first. Then they continued with the numbers on our tickets. I like how they did that, because I was able to sit and continue knitting my hat and just wait for my number to be called.

Stephanie was wearing her Bohus when she first came in, and she had it laying on the table so we could all see it. It was so beautiful! I hope I can knit that good someday! I waited 2 hours before I got my book signed (which was fine with me since I actually got some knitting done for a change). There were still quite a few people waiting when I left. Stephanie was so nice to stay and sign everyone’s book! She must have been tired with all the traveling she’s been doing lately.

It was really fun to meet Stephanie since I’ve read all her books and have been reading her blog for the past year :) You’ve got to go see her if she’ll be in your town!

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  1. If you don’t find someone in the states to mail it to, you can send it to me, I’ll be going to the Canadian Book Launch when she announces it.


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