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Whiskers on Wednesday

I wanted to show you how Kennedy likes to lay on the floor:

No, she’s not tired from playing with the toys in the background. She got out of bed when Nathan got home last night, but apparently she was too tired to make it all the way to the door. She always has her front paws curled up, and usually has her tail sticking out (seems kind of dangerous to me!)

I think Charlie got a little annoyed with me. She was just about to jump in my lap when I decided to get the camera. Then she had to deal with the flash! Poor baby :)

>^..^<          >^..^<          >^..^<

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10 thoughts on “Whiskers on Wednesday”

  1. Kennedy looks cute with her paws curled up. :) That’s funny that she got out of bed & didin’t make it far. LOL


  2. Oh!! So very cute… both of them. Makes me miss having a cat, but my allergies – and the Knight’s general attitude about cats – prohibits that!


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